We have our final winners. The contest has finished.
Enter here for the "Columbus never..." writing contest!
Receive $100, your name on this site, and your words on a huge wall.


Please read this entire page of instructions before submitting your entry!

The goal of the project is to create a sentence or sentences on the wall of 88 East Broad Street, collectively generated by the residents of Columbus.

Contributors are invited to submit a phrase of a few words that provides the final section of the sentence. (approximately 3 to 5 words, but we are a little flexible.)

Punctuation (a period, a comma, etc.) is allowed.

If your phrase is chosen, you will receive $100, it will go up on the wall of 88 East Broad Street, and your name will appear on this website.

Winning phrases should:

1. change the meaning of what came before it, add new meaning to the existing text on the wall and provide a suggestive bridge for the next contribution*
2. contribute to a growing text that defines or captures the spirit of Columbus
3. help the sentence grow in an amusing or poetic way

*This form of writing is called a paraprosdokian — a sentence or phrase that changes the meaning of what comes before it in surprising or unexpected ways.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email.


Final version of the generative sentence:

Columbus never came here, but when the city sleeps, what the dreamers discover is that we have always created our own collective inside joke, one still looking for a punch line, that begins with "Columbus never came here, but...." That's why our city, if we want it to, will wake up with the Santa Maria floating down the Scioto, and our bronze Christopher shouting, “Better late than never.”


We have our final winners. The contest has finished.

The phrase should follow the current status of the growing sentence above.

Helpful hint: This is the final phrase! Look at the WHOLE sentence and add something that completes it and says something about your city.

We have our final winners. The contest has finished.

Janet Zweig "Columbus never ..."
88 E Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio
Our first winner is Matt McGraw.
Our second winner is Michael J. Rosen.
Our third winner is Greg Horch.
Our fourth winner is Lindsey Alexander.
Our fifth winner is Julia McCann.
Our sixth winner is Alexis Mitchell.
Our seventh winner is Justin Luna.
Our eighth winner is Chris Harvey.
Our ninth winner is Cheryl-Lynn May.
Our tenth winner is Paz Elad.
Our eleventh winner is Sean Carter.
Our twelfth winner is Helma Groot.
Our thirteenth winners are tied: Mary Gray and John Sunami.