Columbus civic leaders in the fields of government, arts and culture, community development, and education offered these comments for publication in the Finding Time program catalog.

Michael B. Coleman

Mayor, City of Columbus

As we continue to make Columbus one of the best cities in the nation, it is crucial that we harness the remarkable energy and creativity of our community. We will invest in arts and culture, develop signature parks and public spaces, and celebrate the urban experience that only exists Downtown. Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 represents a vibrant and ambitious approach toward these goals.

Finding Time is the result of a broad and unique partnership for Columbus that includes the National Endowment for the Arts, The Ohio State University, Columbus Art Commission, Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, The Columbus Foundation, Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council, and many other partners, sponsors, and collaborators that have been integral in the success of sowing the seeds for future programs of public art.

Milt Baughman

President, Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC)

Since the planning for Finding Time began, GCAC believed this project would be an important progression in the discussion about public art in Columbus. In addition, the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant awarded for Finding Time validates its importance in a national context, and the diversity of public art it encompasses has accomplished all that we hoped for and more for the project’s contribution to the Columbus arts community.

David E. Chesebrough

President and CEO, COSI

We valued having COSI’s historic Central High School component used as the palette for one of the early art installations which transformed the large COSI facade into a “breathing” building. Art offers another window into understanding the world, which to some people is more accessible through artistic exploration than going through the science door.

Jamie A. Greene

Program Manager, 200Columbus: The Bicentennial

Finding Time was a fascinating initiative to celebrate the City’s bicentennial. It was bold in concept and moving in execution. The project exposed many people to the potential of public art to elevate not only the aesthetic quality of the City’s public realm, but also the deeper meaning and purpose of our physical environment.

Denny Griffith

President, Columbus College of Art & Design

Finding Time has been a complete home run. Inventive, thought provoking, progressive and inclusive, it made me proud to be a member of this community. It pushed our buttons and our boundaries in just the right ways, and demonstrates a level of civic maturity, confidence and inventiveness that suggests that Columbus has in some sense arrived. I’m in awe of what these folks pulled off and really delighted that the project so successfully broke so much ground. Hurray for Finding Time!

Charlotte Kessler

Member, National Council on the Arts

Finding Time has placed art—literally and figuratively—in the center of the public square. I can think of no better way to celebrate all that has made Columbus great for the past 200 years.

Sebastian D. G. Knowles

Professor of English, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, OSU Arts & Humanities

Kandinsky says that “the eye is the hammer,” the mechanism by which the soul is set vibrating to the power of art. Finding Time is the hammer that has brought public art to this city, and through this splendid collaborative project Columbus has become a more spiritual place.

Rick Livingston

Associate Director, OSU Humanities Institute

Public art is an open invitation to find time for what’s most important, to reflect on who we are together. The genius of Finding Time was to extend that invitation, in varied accents, over and over: a recurrent festival of welcome.

Nannette V. Maciejeunes

Executive Director, Columbus Museum of Art

As Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” The National Endowment for the Arts recognized our courage when they awarded Finding Time one of a handful of their prestigious Our Town grants. Public art is a beautiful, provocative, and sometimes stunning reminder of the crucial role creativity plays in the vitality of a city and a reminder that the collective creativity of our citizens helps make Columbus a great place to work and to raise a family.

Diane Nance

Columbus Art Commission

It’s been a delight to see new art placed throughout downtown. Finding Time samples the many ways Columbus can envision public art enlivening the city.

Barbara Nicholson

Columbus Art Commission

Finding Time speaks volumes about the importance, value and potential of public spaces to connect and elevate Columbus, us, others and new ideas when viewed through the aesthetic vision of artists. This is a shining example of how all the arts can play a prominent role.

Barbara A. Pratzner

President, Columbus Sister Cities International

Public art gives life and breath and texture to a city. Permanent—and temporary—works challenge us, delight us, confound us and invite us to see our city in new ways. Pieces such as Stuart Williams’ “Breath of Life” light installation enlivened our city throughout the Bicentennial year. May the Finding Time program inspire a legacy of new public art to enrich the lives of residents and visitors.

Nancy Recchie

Benjamin D. Rickey & Co.

Finding Time has provided a glimpse of the breadth and diversity of public art. While temporary in nature, the public art installations and activities for 2012 have enriched the downtown environment and made me crave more and permanent public art throughout the city. As part of the program, I had the pleasure of leading a tour through the Ohio Judicial Center and seeing how excited people were to discover this gem of art and architecture hiding in plain sight!

Cleve Ricksecker

Executive Director, Capital Crossroads & Discovery Special Improvement Districts

In order to thrive, Downtown needs to engage creative people and build emotional ties with creative communities. I believe Finding Time helps to establish Downtown as a place that welcomes creativity and entrepreneurship.

Chip Santer

Columbus Art Commission

Finding Time has been invaluable in elevating the importance of public art in Columbus. Although it is a temporary installation, this achievement makes it of great permanent value.

Joseph E. Steinmetz

Executive Dean and Vice Provost OSU College of Arts and Sciences

The arts awaken our imaginations and enrich our lives. We are Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences, and a major part of our mission is to champion the arts and promote an atmosphere that inspires creativity and excellence, on our university campus and in our local community. As Columbus celebrates its bicentennial, we are honored to support the Columbus Public Art project, and we are proud of the immense talents of our faculty, students and alumni who have contributed to the transformation of downtown Columbus into a year-long, open-air gallery.

Priscilla R. Tyson

Columbus City Councilmember

Public art enhances our quality of life and can be an agent of economic development in our community. My hope is that Finding Time continues the conversation about the place for public art in Columbus.

Titles and affiliations are current as of the time these comments were made in 2012.
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