Martin Keil and Henrik Mayer
Berlin, Germany


The Bus to the Future

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Keil and Mayer have collaborated for many years as Reinigungsgesellschaft, which translates from the German as “The Cleaning Society.” They describe their work as an “artistic venture at the point of intersection between art and society.” As a research-based artistic practice, their work often takes its form from an intensive period of investigation into a business or cultural institution. Working both with and within these organizations, they seek to clarify what the institutions mean in the larger cultural context and to apply their findings in the form of maps, signs, photographs, and films. Keil and Mayer are not strangers to Columbus: they first came here in the Greater Columbus Arts Council's Dresden sister-city exchange program in 2002, and they returned in 2009 for a residency at Columbus College of Art & Design. Reinigungsgesellschaft is based in Berlin, Germany


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