Urban Plein Air Paintings


Central Ohio
Plein Air

Arcylic on existing walls

June 2012 on ...

Throughout Downtown Columbus
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Members of Central Ohio Plein Air created 20 discrete paintings on buildings in the downtown core. The artworks were painted en plein air, a French term meaning "in open air," which refers to the process in which the artist paints a subject on location. In this case, the artists focused on sites in unexpected urban locations: side streets, alleys, parking lots, and nooks and crannies of the city. The paintings were meant to be discovered by pedestrians going about their everyday business.


Tom Cole
Michael Crapser
Aida Garrity
Jim Glover
Carol Granger
Deb Haller
Marty Husted
Marianne Miller
Ruth Ann Mitchell
Susan Otten
Janet Painter
Andy Quisumbing
Julie Ricketts
Bob Tanner
Bill Westerman


Bill Westerman, President, Central Ohio Plein Air
Valerie Goettler, Capital Crossroads SID
Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
Building owners and tenants
Student interns, The Ohio State University Department of Art
Jama Bains
Chelsea Bornheim
Matthew Courtright
Jaynie Grothe
Kimberly Harvanek


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Julie Ricketts, Urban Plein Air Painting: 106 N. High Street (rear) Photo: Malcolm Cochran
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