Steel rod, corrugated plastic tubing, flotation devices, 8' h. x 4' w. x 10' l.


Tim Rietenbach

Columbus, OH

July–October 2013

Scioto River opposite North Bank Park
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Imagining the continuous movement of the Scioto River as time passing was the conceptual “platform” for this installation of eight double-life-size cows grazing on the surface of the river water. Tim Rietenbach drew outlines of these representations of Columbus's agrarian past in space using steel rod. He then covered the rod with red tubing, a material the artist settled on to make the sculptures stand out against the background of the tree-lined shore and to heighten the improbability of the floating herd. Both the image and the motion of the sculptures on the river spoke to slowing down and, to some extent, defying the progression of time. The cows, even in this displaced incarnation, conjured a time when farms were smaller and cows were able to roam the fields in close proximity to downtown. Rietenbach's project might be interpreted as a drawing of the ghosts of Columbus's past grazing contentedly at the heart of the city's recently revitalized riverfront.


Crane Group


Tim Donovan, Columbus Recreation & Parks Department
Eric, Sam, and Cole Rietenbach


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Grazing Photo: Nick George, The Columbus Foundation
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